Welcome to the Silver Art Collector website! This community driven site is free to use and our goal is to make SAC the number one tool and collection manager for silver art on the web! As we grow, we continually work to add and upgrade the services we offer to you, such as:

  • Online Collection Manager with features such as personal data fields, exporting to Excel, and more
  • Master database of mints and their items for research and cataloging
  • Resources such as interesting articles, FAQs, neat hobby-related items, and more

Silver Art Collector is designed with the user in mind. We hope to make it easy to research your silver art items, and add them to your free online collection manager. Regardless of your time in the hobby, we encourage you to contribute to the research database by submitting items we don’t have yet, or sending an update about an item that has missing or incorrect information.

We encourage your suggestions, questions, and comments and want you to feel at home here at SAC!